• Recommended Suppliers

  • Photo Booth Hire - Crazy-Pix.co.uk

    I have worked alongside many different photo booth companies over the years, but one company that I am regularly working alongside is Crazy-pix, and I can genuinely say they have the best photo booths that I have ever seen. The overall look of their booths, along with the quality of photos that they take, are just amazing. They don't just do photo booths, they also do a really cool selfie mirror's, beautiful LOVE lights (as pictured in our gallery) along with many other things. 

    If you want the best, I hightly recommend Crazy-pix.

    Telephone: 07736 561 692 
    Email:  info@crazy-pix.co.uk


  • Wedding Photographer - Dru Dodd

    I am recommending two fabulous photographers - as I have worked with both many times, and know both personally.

    The first recommendation is the very talented Dru Dodd. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dru at many weddings and I can say he is a true professional. He knows exactly what he is doing and you can see that in the results of his breathtaking photos. Check out his website to see just how amazing his photos are!

    Email:  Dru@DruDodd.com



  • Wedding Photographer - Sue Stephenson

    The second photographer I highly recommend is Sue Stephenson.

    Sue is very talented and I have worked alongside her, and her husband Sean, at several events. I have known Sean for most of my life and he is a very personable person, and they are both extremely skilled with the camera. The attention to detail is fantastic and the quality of photos they produce are amazing. I also recommend them highly! 

    For more information, and to contact, visit www.suestephensonphotography.co.uk



  • Speciality Cake Creator - Mrs O's Cakes

    Mrs O makes the best cakes I have ever seen, and I am not just saying that because she's the mother of one of my best mates! Her cake creations are mind blowing. Take a look at her Facebook page to see for yourself. My favourite cake so far is the one she made for her daughter, Charlotte, which was created for her paramedic colleagues in the NHS. (Pictured, left). It looks sooo good!

    If you are in need of a tasty cake for your wedding, birthday, christening - or anything, get in touch with Jane. 

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Mrs-Os-Cake-Creations-630015517100908/
    Mobile: 07808 500802