• Silent Disco Hire – Add on!

  • Try something totally different!

    As well as providing the best disco entertainment through Marvellous Disco, we also operate a Silent Disco company - which means we can offer you Silent Disco packages at a competitively priced rate. 

    You may be wondering, "what on earth is a Silent Disco". Please let me explain:

    Instead of music being played through the traditional speaker system, your guests are given a pair of wireless over-ear headphones as they enter the room. Music is played direct to their ears, and there are up to three channels available. Your guests choose which of the three songs they want to boogie down to, by pressing the tune button on the headphone. They then proceed to shake that booty on the dance floor! 

    With three songs being played at the same time, a third of the room could be rocking out to Summer of 69, whilst another are raving to the newest Calvin Harris hit and another doing the Abba shuffle. It's an absolutely hilarious sight to see, and if you remove the headphones - the room is silent (apart from the obvious singing and screaming from your guests.) 

    We have 2000 headphones at our disposal, so we can cater for small intimate parties right up to huge shindigs. 

    And you don't have to hire three seperate DJs. You can choose to have one or two, with the second or third channel simply being a music playlist (which you can supply on an iPod - or you can leave to us to provide.)

    You could even cut out the DJ's totally, and just hire the headphones and have three play listed channels. Although, this takes out the excitement and interactivity of the event. We find it's always best to have at least one live DJ.

    You can find out more information about Silent Disco on our Hedfone Party website, or feel free to give us a call / email to discuss your event.