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  • We have moved!

    Marvellous Disco moved back up to Northumberland in 2014 and is no longer available to take bookings in Berkshire (unless you were willing to pay a premium price).

    However - do not fret, a great DJ is still within your reach.

    There are two options for you to try. Why not submit requests on both to double your chances of finding that perfect DJ?

    Firstly, check out the 'Need a Disco' website. Enter your details, and you will get quotes from many wonderful local DJ's that meet all the safety requirements and standards you'd expect. Click here to submit your quote requests on NAD

    Secondly, I would also highly recommend that you check out the 'Add to Event' service. This is another fantastic website that has another list of great DJ's, some of which aren't listed elsewhere. Click here to submit your quote request on AtE

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